We bring back the natural shine to your marble. The Marble Cleaning Experts has been providing the tri-state area with the best marble floor polishing for over 15 years of experience. Almost all of our business comes from referrals from our satisfied customers,

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Marble Polishing Before & After
Marble Polishing Before & After

The Marble Cleaning Experts pride ourselves of the knowledge of marble restoration over years of experience. Our polishing systems are dust free. We offer services to corporate and private clients. We are experienced in all manner of materials including marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, cleaning, grinding, honing, sealing.

Sealing of natural stone is quite different then sealing other types of floors. When sealing wooden floors for example a protective coat is added to the outside. When sealing stone the pores in the rock, or the space between the crystals that make up the rock are filled with the sealant with no trace of sealant on the outer surface, the purpose of this process is to stop liquids from seeping into the stone and staining it.

What the Grinding is doing is cutting the rough edges of the stone by scratching it and as the diamond becomes smaller and smaller the scratches become finer until they are microscopic. What you end up is a very smooth surface to your store.

Crystallization is a chemical transformation of the floor surface, similar to the conventional polishing of marble. A machine incorporates the polishing compounds on a clean, dry surface to produce a renewed floor surface.

Honing is when you smooth the marble floor with diamonds, which bring up more shine to the marble. Honing will also remove light scratches, stains and give a great appearance. In some cases honing is all you need to bring back the natural shine.

Polishing gives shinning effect to the marble floor. Polishing is also done by diamonds but smaller then the honing process. For marble floors in okay condition this is all you might need.

You’ll find a lot of cleaning companies offering these services but they are using extremely harsh abrasives and acids that destroy the stone. The Marble Cleaning Experts can fix the problem but it can cost a lot more to sort out. Call The Marble Cleaning Experts to do the job right the first time. Estimates are free, and we have never increased the price once the job is commenced.

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